Amazing Motion Sensing Camera available at Woodlands

Motion Sensor Camera

Recently I had the opportunity to test one of these really amazing, high quality Motion Sensing Cameras to see if it did everything they said it would.

First thing to note was the build quality. The outer casing is made from very tough plastic. It has rugged qualities and “feels” right. Compared with some other units I have looked at recently, this one was excellent.

The thing that attracted me to this unit was the capability of communication. What is the point in having a motion sensing camera that just sits there – you forget to check it and by the time you do, its all too late, your dogs or car have been nicked! This device has a real time capability to SMS up to 4 mobile phones or email 4 addresses. No Wonder the Thames Valley Police are getting very excited about this unit – a must for stopping rural crime.

I have to say, the picture quality and range is good, you can clearly see faces at some distance, the images are large and clear. The video footage is also excellent. The 5 Mega Pixel camera is good quality – both in the day and at night as it uses an infra red flash to capture shots after dark. The PIR is good as well, not too sensitive but just about right to pick up normal movement.

The kit comes with all the mounting options you would want and has a unique laser guidance setting to allow you to position the camera so it points exactly where you want it to, taking the guess work out of mounting it – especially useful if you are on your own up a ladder.

SD Cards and SIM cards are sold separately, but this is no problem as there are many deals out there with SIM only deals from the big operators to choose from.

All in all, this offers great value for money at ONLY £299 inc VAT introductory offer. My advice is to get one soon before they are sold out – a great Christmas present – its on my list!

This motion sensing camera can be used for external surveillance, wildlife watching, indoor security, you can even put it in your truck – the list is endless.

Here is a run down of the main features:

  • Fully Weatherproof system using industrial quality materials
  • Motion detection triggered camera
  • 5 mega pixel day/night images & video utilising Infra-red LED Flash
  • Ultra low stand-by current (<500uA)
  • SMS/MMS (image) can be delivered to 4 recipients Mobile or E-mail
  • Trigger Time < 1.2 seconds
  • Message delivery time within 2 Minutes (dependant of network)
  • Fully confifigurable – number of images per minute, recipients mobile/email,
  • GSM network settings etc.
  • Images/Video stored on SD Card housed with unit (SIM and SD card not included in price)
  • Easy setup with laser camera alignment
  • Multiple mounting options
  • No wires

So why not Buy this Item ONLINE TODAY to avoid dissapointment

Great Camouflage pattern makes this hard to spot


  1. Robert says:

    purchased a couple of these and really impressed with the resolution of the images and the speed its delivered to my email and phone –

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